Air travel has changed travelers’ habits, but there are those who prefer to travel by train to enjoy the facets of the landscape and make an eco-sustainable journey. Almost no matter the destination to reach, landscapes, suspension bridges, deserts, mountains, lakes, unique and pleasant the journey. In our list, we have chosen ten of the journeys to be made by train that travel through fabulous territories to be able to contemplate while sitting comfortably.

10. The Ghan, Australia

Three days, two nights and 3000 kilometres to cross and explore the heart of Australia from north to south thanks to the Ghan Train. A journey with different perspectives with extreme and unusual landscapes. From the lush green hills of Adelaide to the wild Outback, from the Red Center of Alice Springs to Darwin and from the aboriginal sites at the slow pace of the city of Darwin.

The Ghan, Australia

9. The Golden Chariot, India

The train that promises to show many worlds in a single journey is the Golden Charion that crosses the state of Karnataka in India. A luxury train with an Indian touch that travels from the vibrant and cosmopolitan city of Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka, to the famous beaches of Goa, in southwestern India. During the journey, beautiful landscapes and nature reserves will surprise you. Onboard, however, you will experience an atmosphere of other times with cabins equipped with all comforts, a restaurant with tasty Indian dishes and 2 salons dedicated to massages and Ayurvedic therapies.

The Golden Chariot, India

8. Belmond Hiram Bingham, Peru

With Belmond Hiram Bingham you will travel in an elegant and exclusive way. From Cusco to Machu Picchu, to make your journey magical will be the view from the window of the Sacred Valley, the Andean countryside and the Peruvian landscape. In the bar carriage, the journey will be punctuated by Peruvian music played live and a tasty cocktail.

Belmond Hiram Bingham, Peru

7. Trans-Siberian, Moscow / Mongolia / China

The Trans-Siberian is the railway line for those who love adventure travel and out of the ordinary as well as being the longest in the world with its 9000 kilometres. It departs from Moscow and reaches Beijing or Vladivostok on the Sea of Japan. From metropolises like Moscow and Beijing you will be fascinated by the endless Mongolian steppes, swamps, rivers and the Gobi Desert. But what will make your trip unmissable is the chance to meet a variety of people, meet countless looks, capture the existence of a myriad of cultures and ways of life and make new encounters.

Trans Siberian Railway, Russia

6. The Shinkansen Bullet Train, Japan

In Japan, you can plan long journeys without being afraid of missing connections with the Skinkansen Bullet Train. Defined bullet train travels on a single trunk at high speed while maintaining high standards of punctuality. The Shinkansen network connects Kyoto to cities like Osaka, Niigata, Nagano, Shin – Aomori to be reached in complete silence if you choose the “absolute silence” carriage where no one speaks and the stops are not even announced.

View of Mt Fuji and Tokaido Shinkansen, Shizuoka, Japan

5. Rovos Rail, Africa

Traveling by Rovos Rail is like spending a holiday in a five-star luxury hotel that runs on rails starting from Cape Town to reach Pretoria and Johannesburg with the possibility of arriving also in Zambia, Tanzania and Namibia in July. The train, furnished in the classic style of the Twenties and Thirties, has two lounges, two restaurant carriages, sleeping cabins with private bathrooms. “Big Five” in the heart of Africa (elephants, rhinoceroses, buffaloes, lions and leopards).

South Africa, the coffee bar of the Rovos Rail luxury train travelling between Cape Town and Pretoria

4. Red lizard, Tunisia

The stretch from the Station of Métlaoui to the terminus Redeyef, central west of Tunisia, is recommended for lovers of quiet and desert. The Red Lizard, a diesel locomotive, travels for 43 kilometres, rocky fractures, small oases at the sides of the mountains, Chott el Djerid (the largest saline in the Sahara) and the Selja Gorges, a narrow peak that creates an amphitheater natural where the water goes down and goes to spray a bed of sand. The railway was built in 1906 to transport phosphates from the fields to the industries, today the train has been completely restored.

Tourist train in Tunisia

3.  Tunnel of love Train, Ukraine

If you have intentions to make sincere promises so that love will come true, you must reach Klevan where there is the most romantic rail track in the world to the west of Ukraine. The Tunnel of Love is a tangle of trees and vegetation, about 3 kilometres long, a stretch crossed by a train that transports timber to a local factory. A true hymn to freedom and love with an incredible atmosphere that changes according to the seasons and the color of the leaves.

Train running in Natural tunnel.

2. Historic Sulmona train – Roccaraso, Italy

Vintage coaches and breathtaking views will make your journey from Sulmona to Roccaraso unique thanks to the historic steam train that still today crosses the Majella Park. The train retraces the tracks of the Italian Siberian Railway and reaches a height of 1,268 meters. With a stop in Palena, Campo di Giove and Roccaraso you will immerse yourself in the woods and vegetation of the Abruzzo highlands.

Historic train approaches the Pescocostanzo’s railway station

1.California Zephyr Train, United States

With the California Zephyr, the longest train in the Amtrak, crossing the United States of America is possible. It joins Chicago to San Francisco through 52 hours of travel, two nights and 37 stops that will make your trip incredible. With your eyes glued to the window, you’ll go through rocky mountains, the Utah desert, Salt Lake City and Nevada. You will discover America by sitting.

Railroad, Central California Coast